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Le Champ Brunch - The Guided Experience

The first public staging of the Le Champ Brunch event was nothing short of amazing. The event, which originally came about for Le Champ Cosmetics customers to enjoy shopping for our vegan, makeup products while dining from elevated brunch menu selections with friends and loved ones, has now been taken to Jamaica and the wider population!

It was held in the beautifully lush Sunken Garden, Hope Gardens on Sunday April 2nd in a "Guided Experience" format where over 200 patrons were first housed in the glamorously decorated Cocktail lounge while being served complimentary drink cocktails by title sponsors Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) along with butler-style appetizers until the 'Grande Entrance'. At 4pm guests were then guided into the main venue and greeted with 10 elegantly clad promoters in full white bearing glasses of Luc Belair champagne on Le Champ Brunch trays. All this, while classical music played by two Jamaican violinists and a ballerina serenaded guests beneath the 15 ft high opulent arch adorned by white roses and silk draping, as they walked through the delicate sea of fog while entering the venue.

After the Grand Entrance, guests were free to move about the venue and went directly to the Food court situated next to the Le Champ Cosmetics Makeup Lounge where they dined, took pictures, chatted and got their makeup refreshed by 5 of our resident Le Champ Makeup Artists, all within a relaxed environment.

Finally, guests were guided towards the top of the venue where partying then began. This area was designed with luxe white cabanas, each bearing a crystalline chandelier for comfort and entertainment with butler-style meals being served to guests as they enjoyed the Le Champ Brunch Guided Experience. As the music intensified and the vibe elevated, stage sparks went off in full dramatic effect throughout the evening and the event was closed with a 3 minute fireworks show to end what will remain the most magical brunch event to ever hit Jamaica!

Press coverage on the event can seen in links below.

Jamaica Observer - Page 2

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Loop News

Sponsors for the event include; Caribbean Producers Jamaica, Massy Distribution, Gleaner Jamaica, Loop News, Fyah 105FM, Galeria Events, Unlyshed Ja, Kadian Nicely Exclusive and Le Champ Cosmetics.

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