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Le Champ Cosmetics is now in RIU Hotel!

Trailblazing Jamaican vegan makeup brand Le Champ Cosmetics continues to make their mark in the local beauty industry. On December 12, 2022 they were officially welcomed into Renova Spa, located on the RIU Hotel properties, as the makeup of choice for their bridal lounge. Inspired by the Ideologies of the Ancient that believe Beauty, Health and Spirit is an inseparable unit, the Renova Spa’s core purpose is the total and complete wellbeing of all clients. Renova Spa is featured in 13 countries across 5 continents with over 50 spa locations including our 5 RIU Hotels in Jamaica.

When asked about the inspiration for having Le Champ Cosmetics in their premium establishment, Renova Spa Manager Shelly-Ann Palmer stated “We were inspired by the brand’s overall presentation. The white and gold aesthetic suits our salon and bridal room’s décor, the fact that it’s a vegan brand appeals to our customers who are largely health conscious, and also the wide range of products and shades offered by the brand.” Being based in a popular vacation resort, clientele of the Renova Spa are typically tourists from many regions across the world. “The products suit our unique shade requirements for our clients especially the foundations and pressed powders from lightest to deepest. They’re easily combined to match skin tones flawlessly which is a plus!” Shelly-Ann added.

The Spa was also asked about their philosophy on incorporating local brands within their business and they confirmed they embraced local brands for body products for a long time, so “Adding Le Champ Cosmetics makeup line within the spas is now the icing on the cake!”

The Le Champ Cosmetics brand was formed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic by entrepreneur Shanique Ellington and has opened their first retail location on the second-year anniversary of the brand in June 2022.

Find out more about our Vegan Jamaican makeup brand on our website or on instagram and Tik Tok @LeChampCosmetics.

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