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LCC 18 Pcs Makeup Brush Set

LCC 18 Pcs Makeup Brush Set


The Le Champ Cosmetics Makeup Brush set is combined with most brushes you will need to complete any great makeup look and comes with the cutest bag! Dont miss out on this one!

  • LCC 10 PCs Makeup Brush

    The Le Champ Cosmetics 18Psc Brush Set is a customized kit for beginners. It comes with the basic essentials to get started on your makeup journey! Included in the set are;


    Liquid Foundation Brush for poreless application of foundation to the face.

    Flat Concealer/ Foundation brush for precision application of liquid concealer or foundation to the face

    Round Top Powder Brush with curved top surface and loosely packed bristles to allow for even product application over a large surface area.

    Angled Powder Brush for precision blush application on the cheeks after powder application

    Multifunction Eyeshadow Brush for application and blending of eye shadow pigments to eyelids. 

    Makeup Brush Carrying Case for easy of transportation of your makeup brushes with additional slots to add to your collection!

    This cute brush set is definitely a hot pick!


    Even though we hope this is ever your experience, we understand things happen out of our control. So if you've received damaged goods from your delivery we are more than happy to replace the item free of cost, just pay return shipping. 

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