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LCC Lipstick Collections

LCC Lipstick Collections


The Le Champ Cosmetics Lipstick Collection is a combination of matte and glossy organic lipsticks that brings across the perfect naked/ sexy look! This is a waterproof, paraben-free and cruelty-free formulation.

Colour - Matte & Glossy
  • LCC Matte & Glossy Lipsticks - NAKED Collection

    The LCC Matte Lipstick ROSE is a deep red colour.

    The LCC Matte Lipstick BABE is an innocent soft pink

    The LCC Matte Lipstick KISS&TELL is a warm red shade.

    The LCC Matte Lipstick NUDE is a cool toned nude.

    The LCC Matte Lipstick LICKT is a plum shade


    The LCC Glossy Lipstick SKIN is the perfect deep nude for dark skin

    The LCC Glossy Lipstick SULTRY is an everyday nude for all skin tones.

    The LCC Glossy Lipstick SAINT a natural pink nude.

    The LCC Glossy Lipstick SLAYER is a rosey pink shade.

    Vol 7ml/ 0.24US FL OZ
    Weight 30g


    Even though we hope this is never your experience, we understand things happen out of our control. So if you've received damaged goods from your delivery we are more than happy to replace the item free of cost, just pay return shipping. Cancellations must be done within 6-12 hours of your order especially for international shipping seeing that order processing can begin within this time frame to speed up shipping duration. 

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